Hand Crew Timber Felling

Building on our background as Wildland Firefighters, and Production Timber Fallers, Our goal at NH Timber is to provide a safe, self-sufficient, flexible and productive timber felling service.

We pride ourselves on being trained and equipped to take on the most challenging projects, in the most demanding conditions, safely and on time! 

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 The Felling Module



In order to provide the most Versatile, Safe and Accountable workforce, we have adopted a similar logistical approach to that used successfully on wildland fire incidents by elite hotshot crews.

A Felling Module consists of:

  • Crew Boss  
  • 4 Experienced Fallers  Minimum 5 years commercial logging or wild land fire experience
  • Crew Cab 4X4 Truck
  • 6 Professional Chainsaws 
  • Rigging Gear  All ropes, blocks, and rigging to safely fell trees in any direction
  • First Aid Equipment (Including Backboard)  All Fallers carry personal trauma dressing and first aid kit, All crew hauls have advanced trauma kits on board.
  • GPS Tracking and Satellite Messinging System 
  • 5 Handheld Radios  

When we show up on the job, we show up prepared! We understand that in order to be as safe and efficient as possible, there are a few things that you just need to have.


We understand that on the pipeline, things can change fast. Landowner concerns, terrain difficulties and medical emergencies can happen at any time. Without proper communication and accountability, these problems can compound. The "cellularly remote" location of  many of the work sites requires something beyond traditional communications. 

We carry Satellite Phones, and GPS navigation tools, allowing us to maintain communication in even the most remote locations.


The Right Tools

We have three main objectives when we approach a Timber Project.

  1. Protection Of Life
  2. Protection of Property / Infrastructure
  3. Safely Fell ALL Trees

The only way to accomplish these three things is to have the Right Tools for the job. Whether the situation requires a climber to block down a tree, or a bucket truck to safely work near power lines, NH Timber Always has a solution that fits the challenge. 



Just In Case

The number one most dangerous job in America... is logging.   The, often times, inaccessible and rugged ROW locations only serve to increase the objective hazard we face as Timber Professionals.  

At NH Timber we take every precaution to ensure the safest possible working environment for our employees, but no matter our efforts, accidents can happen. The single most important factor that effects the outcome of a medical emergency is First Response Preparedness. Emergency workers may not arrive on scene for hours in some instances, so the personnel  on the ground must have ability to Asses, Stabilize, Treat and Evacuate the victim. We strive to have at least one certified EMT at each job site, and all of our employees have valid CPR/FirstAid certifications, as well as annual, hands-on, practical training.