Elite Woodsmen

At NH Timber, our mission is to operate the most qualified, professional timber felling service in the world. Our highly experienced fallers, combined with dynamic logistics and effective management are able to tackle even the most demanding and dangerous projects with a level of safety found no where else in the industry.

Many of our fallers have over 20 years experience cutting timber in the Pacific Northwest, and come from a long line of some of the most accomplished fallers in the world.

The HOTSHOT connection

"In the United States, an interagency hotshot crew (IHC), or simply hotshot crew, is a Type 1 handcrew of 20 firefighters specially trained in wildfire suppression tactics. Hotshot crews are considered an elite group among wildland firefighters, due to their extensive training, high physical fitness standards, and ability to undertake difficult, dangerous, and stressful assignments. They often respond to large, high-priority fires and are trained and equipped to work in remote areas for extended periods of time with little logistical support." (from Wikipedia)

Night Operations Smith River Hotshots CA

Night Operations Smith River Hotshots CA

Much of our management and supervision team is comprised of off season Wildland Firefighters from the best Hotshot and Smokejumper Crews.  The ability to work in demanding and dangerous situations while maintaining high productivity and safe work practices is the Hotshot's bread and butter. 



Training and Qualifications


At NH Timber, we believe that a well trained workforce is paramount to the successful and safe completion of any forestry project. We devote substantial time and resources to ensure that our employees are fully trained and qualified to do their job. At the start of every hand-felling (read; Indiana Brown Bat) season we conduct a mandatory refresher for all sawyers, climbers and ground men. Topics covered include; First Aid/CPR, Blood Born Pathogen, Aerial Rescue, Hazard Tree Identification,and Advanced Directional Felling Techniques.